Experiential Learning School

Dedicated to help individuals develop a bond with the environment,  to encourage human growth and social awareness.  Our programs provide an integral understanding of culture, community and mentoring on academics. The experience develops life and leadership skills, team work abilities, compassion, service and stewarship.  Our aim is to impact on sustainability for the wellbeing of future generations 

Our Mision

nowledge                   Acquire skills through experience

xperience                   Engage on first-hand comprehension of collective values, needs and aspirations

atural Creativity      Ability to built original ideas, self-direction, constructive purpose and personal fulfillment

nity and Action      Inspire people to embrace cultural diversity and endeavor to become a catalyst of transformation

Constanza Carrasco Zuffi
Founder and Executive President

Born in Ecuador, developed a love for nature at a young age.  This passion drove her to choose Environmental & Experiential Education as her career.  She studied an undergraduate degree in Ecology and Photography at the San Francisco University of Quito and a postgraduate degree in Environmental & Experiential Education at La Trobe University in Australia.  She acquired personal and professional experience in research, conservation and sustainability working on,

-    Marine turtle behavioral research projects in the Galapagos

-   Humpback Whale distribution research in the coastal region of Ecuador

Constanza Montero Aguirre
Founder and Country Manager

Born in Ecuador, from an early age, she recognized that nature was the best classroom to acquire knowledge and wisdom, for the intellectual and cognitive development of human beings. She studied an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Arts at the Universidad de las Americas of Quito.   Her passion is working closely in human development, to embrace the sense of place and sustainability for future generations.  She acquired personal and professional experience in problem solving, critical thinking, coaching and sustainability working on projects in Ecuador-Galápagos, Perú, México, Hong Kong and Romania.

Our Team
Tomás Espinosa
Risk Management & Academic Director 
Course Manager
José Ricardo Jijón
Bicycle Safety Director
Course Manager
Andrés Fiallo
Environmental Education Director
Course Manager
María del Carmen Páez
Human Resources Director
Course Manager
Antonella Carrasco
Image & Marketing Director
Course Manager
Nadia Golsak
Human Development Director
Kayak Coordinator
Juan Espinosa
Mountain & Horse Riding Safety Director
Course Manager
Pablo Silva
High Ropes Safety Director
Course Manager
Gabriel Garbin
Water Safety Director
Course Manager
Felipe Münchmeyer
Outdoor Education Director
Course Manager
Gabriela Castillo
Ecology and Permaculture
Mateo Madriñan
Coaching Director
Course Manager
Estefania Bravo
Mountain and High Ropes
Andrés Holguín
 Ornithology Director
Course Manager
María José Viteri
Biology Director
Course Manager
Our Partners

EEP believes that every young person should have the opportunity to become a changemaker. Our programs enable students to develop the skills needed to thrive in today's everchanging environment.  We combine ecological and cultural immersions with lessons that enlighten youth.  Natural Ecosystems become a safe place where team-work, leadership, empathy, and global awareness, among other competencies, are developed.  

Raúl Sánchez
Founder EEP
Andrés Holguín
Founder EEP

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